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Slag Pot Carriers of BTS Pass through Acceptance Inspection
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Two slag pot carriers (110t), the largest ones in China in terms of deadweight ton which are designed and manufactured by the Heavy Machinery Company of MCC Baosteel Technology Services Co., Ltd. (BTS), passed through the acceptance inspection undertaken by the expert group recruited by the employer on October 15, 2012. The carriers are made for Fujian Fuxin Specialty Steel Co., Ltd. This is regarded as a new achievement of MCC Heavy Machinery in the domestic market of slag pot carrier, which derives from the effective marketing strategy and the efforts for improvement and optimization of the core technologies by BTS.
During the inspection, the experts of BTS and Fujian Fuxin jointly carried out testing on the various function of the two carriers in accordance with the Technical Agreement of Slag Port Carriers (110t). According to the test results, all the function indicators were proved to be in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Agreement. The outstanding product quality and the perfect operational function were placed with a high premium by the user.
These two carriers (110t), the largest ones in China at present, are deemed to be a new breakthrough obtained by the Heavy Machinery Company of BTS, following the carrier of 100t produced in 2008. They are featured by quite a few new functions, such as 180° rollover of the pot, emergency power steering and dual-circuit explosion-proof technology. These functions have contributed a lot to the enhancement of the safety and stability, and enabled it to reach up to the leading position both at home and abroad.

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