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  • Steel Structure Project of National Stadium (Bird's Nest)
  • Steel Structure Project of Beijing Jinyan Restaurant
  • Phoenix International Media & Culture Center Project
  • Sun Hotel Project in Huzhou, Zhejiang
  • Inter-city Railway Xiongan Station Steel Structure Project in Xiong'an New Area
  • Beijing Fengtai Station Steel Structure Project
  • Jinan West Railway Station Steel Structure Project of Beijing-Shanghai Expres...
  • National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Project
  • Harbin Grand Theatre Steel Structure Project in Heilongjiang
  • Zhengzhou Steel Structure 5G Smart Factory Project of MCC Group
  • Wuhan Wuqing Embankment Yangtze River Ecological Comprehensive Improvement Pr...
  • Wuhan East Lake Greenway Project in Hubei
  • Water Environment Comprehensive Improvement Project in Ma’anshan
  • Liangxiang Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Fangshan District of Beijing
  • Yanerwan Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Lanzhou
  • Waste Incineration Power Plant Phase III Project at Eastern Area of Xiamen
  • Shanghai Baoshan Renewable Energy Utilization Center Project
  • Living Garbage Incineration Power Plant Project in Xiangyang
  • Waste Incineration Power Generation Project in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Chongqing Iron & Steel Coking Plant Original Site Contaminated Soil Remediati...
  • Phase I and Phase II Power Generation Project of Hoa Phat DungQuat in Vietna
  • 3×100 MW PV Power Plant Project in Punjab Province, Pakistan
  • Engineering Consultation of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital
  • 2022 Winter Olympics Reconstruction Project Engineering Consultation of Beiji...
  • World Overseas Chinese Businessman Innovation Center Engineering Consultation...
  • CITIC Tower Project Supervision
  • Beijing South Railway Station Project Supervision
  • Supervision of rail transit projects in many cities in China
  • Shake Detection, Monitoring and Identification of SEG Tower in Shenzhen
  • Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge testing services
  • Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway testing services
  • Three Gorges Hydropower Station testing services
  • Whole-process Engineering Consultation of Longxing Football Stadium Project i...
  • Whole-process Engineering Consultation of New Indoor Horsemanship Gymnasium P...
  • National Bobsled Center and Yanqing competition zone A
  • Design and Development of Safety Monitoring System for Fuqing No.5 and No.6 C...
  • Post-earthquake Building (Structure) Safety Testing Technical Services of Hun...
  • Whole-process Engineering Consultation of Mutun Steel Company in Bolivia
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  • MCC H股 [01618]


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