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Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam Inspects Jobsite of 19MCC Group in Ha Tinh
CopyFrom:MCC Date:03 May 2013
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Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Vietnam led a delegation and inspected the blast furnace jobsite of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Works, which was contracted by the 19th China Metallurgical Construction Group (19MCC Group), on April 28, 2013. Nguyen inquired about the project execution progress, the labor recruitment management and the other information of the project. Party Secretary Nguyen Thanh Binh of Ha Tinh Province and Chairman Vo Kim Cu of the Provincial People's Committee accompanied the Deputy Prime Minister during the inspection. Just one day ago, a large delegation, consisting of over 60 governmental officials and enterprise representatives invited by Ha Tinh Province from Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Japan and Russia, conducted a visit to the jobsite of 19MCC Group in Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Works.  
During the inspection, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen learned in details on the construction work of the blast furnace, and placed a high premium on the perfect performance of 19MCC Group. Meanwhile he also declared the assessment result made by the Safety, Sanitation & Environment Committee of Ha Tinh Province on all the enterprises in this region in April, according to which the blast furnace project contracted by 19MCC Group ranked No. 1.
The steel works project of Formosa in Ha Tinh is the largest single metallurgical engineering project ever contracted by 19MCC Group in foreign countries. This works is located in Vung Ang Economic Zone of Ha Tinh Province, of which the first phase project covers the technical systems for two blast furnaces (4,350 cubic meters). Under this project, 19MCC Group was awarded with the contract for all the construction tasks (except the pile foundation works) within the site planning red line. The engineering quantity covers: concrete casting (170,000 cubic meters), installation of steel structure (55,000 tons), equipment (40,000 tons) and refractory materials (520,000 tons). The project construction was commenced on March 2, 2013. According to the execution schedule, the construction works of No. 1 blast furnace shall be completed on May 31, 2015, and the second one shall be finished on May 31, 2016. After completion, the annual output capacity will reach up to 7 million tons for molten iron.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Vietnam inspects the blast furnace jobsite of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Works

Delegation members of various countries visit the blast furnace jobsite of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Works