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2020 MCC Group & China MCC Midyear Working Conference Held in Beijing
Guo Wenqing made an important speech, requiring to grasp market opportunities, speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, improve development initiative and strive to start a new round of quality and leap-forward development.
CopyFrom: Date:26 October 2020
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  On July 23 2020, MCC Group & China MCC Midyear Working Conference was held in Beijing. Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of China Minmetals, and Chairman of MCC attended the conference and made a speech; Zhang Zhaoxiang, member of the Party Group and Deputy General Manager of China Minmetals, MCC Group and China MCC Party Committee Secretary and MCC Group General Manager chaired the conference and made a summary speech; Zhang Mengxing, Party Committee Deputy Secretary of MCC Group and China MCC, President of China MCC made a work report. Liu Caiming, Deputy General Manager, Chief Accountant and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, Wang Shilei, Deputy General Manager and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, and Zhou Jichang, Independent Non-executive Director of China MCC, were invited to attend the conference.

  It was an important conference in a special period when COVID-19 pandemic is spreading worldwide, the world's layout is undergoing profound changes and national economy is speeding up in its recovery. The conference aims to summarize the past, investigate and size up the current situation and deploy work to further emancipate our mind, pinpoint a correct direction, grasp market opportunities, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance development initiative and strive to start a new round of quality and leap-forward development.

  After a deep learning about the guiding principles of an important speech by President Xi Jinping at a symposium with entrepreneurs held on July 21, Guo Wenqing made a comprehensive and retrospective conclusion of MCC Group's historic achievement and excellent results in the first half of the year since revolutionary meeting on September 5, 2012 (also known as "September 5" Meeting) and specified an overall portrait base of "Better MCC" for a period to come. He stressed in earnestness again the important status and influence and significant historic task of metallurgical construction in MCC, scientifically responded to goals, missions and fundamental requirements of national team of metallurgical construction under latest situation, and proposed a sincere and urgent hope to "build up a team of enterprises with practical, pragmatic and steadfast spirits".

  First, review of MCC's milestone development achievements. Since "September 5" Meeting in 2012 and in face of obstacles, MCC Group has been sticking to overall situation commanding under correct strategies, problems solving with innovative ideas, self-saving in overcoming difficulties, innovative reform in meeting challenges, fission and growth in transformation and upgrading, and comprehensive development by strict Party governance, realizing revitalization, rising against the trend and leapfrogging improvement: firstly, enterprise's comprehensive strength has reached a historic leap forward; secondly, development quality has realized historic advancement; thirdly, development initiative has achieved historic enhancement and fourth, responsibilities of central enterprises have realized historic prominence. Especially in the first half of this year, MCC got good grades which were worthy of praise and recognition in its "midterm examination". In this period, our charging in the forefront and bravery of shouldering responsibilities showed our most brilliant performance; our difficulties - facing attitude and rising against the trend with development and growth maintained represented our most extraordinary results; and our courage to strive and fight and tough style of conduction expressed our most conspicuous feelings. In the first half of the year, MCC Group realized rapid growth against the trend in its business performance; amount of newly signed contracts, business income, total profit, net profit and other indexes hit new record highs; asset quality indicators were constantly optimized; and the enterprise kept its favorable momentum of stable growth, practically playing its roles as a "vanguard" and "ballast stone".

  Second, investigate and size up the situation, move on with the trend and accurately seize the fundamental that "opportunity outweighs challenge". The important speech by President Xi Jinping at Entrepreneur Forum focused on outstanding issues and responded to social concerns and its pertinence and guidance injected great confidence and impetus for MCC Group to get over barriers ahead and reach an extensive development. We are supposed to deeply implement the President Xi's guiding principles from his important speech, fully promote entrepreneurship, research and investigate current situation in an all-round and dialectical way, make perfect mental and work preparation for fighting a hard battle and long-term replying to over-changing external environment, and fulfill our duties with solid confidence and concentrated strength. Especially in face of golden market opportunities and room for improvement as well as policy dividend such as easing financial measures, industrial upgrading, infrastructure expansion, and project increase for construction companies from a new round of infrastructure investment, we need to capture opportunities, take our initiative, ride on momentum and exert ourselves for further achievement. And we should take domestic market as the focus and mutually promote both domestic and international markets to realize improvement and breakthrough in both of our strength and development, create a potential for future growth with higher quality, powerful sustainability and more energy, breed opportunities out of danger and open up a new prospective in changes, so as to make sure the settling of all decisions and deployment made by the Party Central Committee.

  Third, seize the moment, look to the future and firmly create the top national team of metallurgical construction in the world. After years of effort, the stage image goal of "Better MCC" has been comprehensively achieved and the fundamental of overall image of "Better MCC" for the coming period will be portrayed as being firmly in faith to develop MCC into a national team of metallurgical construction, a main force of capital construction and a pioneer of emerging industry, adhering to the development path with high technology and quality for long, maintaining a team of around 100,000 members, realizing the value of newly signed contracts of RMB 1 trillion, business revenue of more than RMB 300 billion and profit of RMB 10 billion, continuously innovating operation pattern, greatly enhancing market competitiveness, steadily improving quality and benefit, constantly strengthening brand influence and striving for new and brighter future for "Building Better MCC". Putting great effort to achieve annual goals and tasks is taken as the top priority at the moment. In COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, the triumph of MCC leads to the triumph of China Minmetals, and in terms of annual operation, the stability of MCC leads to the stability of China Minmetals. MCC Group should raise its political position, take courage to shoulder responsibilities, charge forward at a pinch and play a full role of "ballast stone" for stable growth. Highlighting industrial optimization and upgrading is considered as the most fundamental and the most critical task at the moment. MCC Group is firmly in faith to build world' top national team of metallurgical construction and accelerates upgrading and reshaping of its advantages. It also enhances system establishment for national team of metallurgical construction in a persistent way and creates world's top-notch national industrial array with constant advancement with the times, upgrading and improvement; remains industrial leading role by pushing core technology towards tiptop position with upgrading; keeps its irreplaceability by enhancing the general advantages of the integration of the whole industry chain; and retains strong development momentum by continuous innovation, creativity and re-entrepreneurship. As an up-holding brand of enterprise in science and research and design, MCC Group aims at the top position in the industry, gives full play to its leading, benchmarking and driving role to tackle issues like "scattered and disordered" market development in the reality, conducts sorting and research on “bottleneck” core technology and other major issues, selects a batch of professional, competent, promising and practical young personnel for enlarge talents reserves, and runs business with persistence to realize a brighter and broader prospective for future development. MCC Group will develop into a superior main force of capital construction step by step, accelerate the upgrading to a new level, work as the leader to continue to empower and strengthen emerging industry and speed up breakthroughs to open a new market. Capture market is viewed as the most urgent and the most realistic task at the moment. In this year, MCC set a goal of reaching over RMB 1 trillion for market development under the leadership requirements of "main leaders take the lead in grasping the market and elite members take the lead in market exploration" and the principle of "casting nets where there are fish, and herding sheep where there is grass". The goal orientation should be highlighted to further actively increase pressure and implement responsibilities; the system advantages should be strengthened to further improve the market development system; and the whole process of marketing should be emphasized to further improve the quality of market operation. It's the most basic and effective method to exploit potentialities and increase efficiency. The Group and its subsidiaries are obliged to establish a thinking of “saving is much easier than earning” and keep it in mind for business running and put more effort to reduce controllable expenditures and financing costs. Strict grip on risks is the basic premise for stable and profound development. MCC will strengthen financial capital risk management, investment control, overseas business risk control and put more effort in safety production and work of flood fighting and disaster relief.

  Fourth, MCC will take more responsibility based on its current obligation and make greater contribution based on its scored achievement to building a realistic, pragmatic and down-to-earth entrepreneur team in the new era. The development of MCC today relies on its long-term and unremitting hard work and its adherence to responsibility of creating a better world. First, stick to the practical belief of original aspiration maintenance. MCC is committed to being a practice walker on “"two maintenance” with absolute loyalty, putting its original aspiration into practice with pragmatism and keeping its purity and concentration with strong determination. Second, forge a style of pragmatism. The Group will keep the fine tradition of conduction and spirit of enterprising in getting over difficulties in mind and continue to make forceful execution. All leading cadres are supposed to adhere to joint efforts towards the same goal, to think and act in advance, to be lenient to others but strict with yourselves, and to be kind after weighing the pros and cons. Third, build a sound and pragmatic team. MCC will pay more attention to do good jobs in leading the way to motivate all enterprises; make good organization of cultivation and exchanges among outstanding young cadres to deepen the matching between personnel and posts; and remain honest and clean at all times and places to establish close and clean relations between government and enterprises. Fourth, achieve practical results that keep up with the times. The Group will carry on the clear guidance on personnel selection and employment featuring the principle of promoting and awarding “the survival of the fittest" and persist in testing cadres by actual achievements and results to select the truly competent cadres, so as to build up talents echelon and excellently accomplish the cause assigned by the Party.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang presided over the conference and made a concluding speech. For the future development of China Metallurgical Group Corporation(MCC), Zhang Zhaoxiang focused on three points of opinion. First, consolidate and deepen the effectiveness of CPC's Party construction, and lead the high-quality development of the beautiful MCC with high-quality Party construction. First, the Group should always put the Party's political construction in the first place, and resolutely practice the "two maintenance" with practical actions; Second, the Group should continue making great efforts to grasp the training of young CPC party members and member exchanges; Third, the Group should promote the deep integration of Party construction with production and operation, to ensure the realization of the same promotion; Fourth, the Group should deeply promote the overall strict governance of the Party, and create a clean and upright clear environment; Fifth, the Group must do solid promotional and ideological work and tell the MCC story well. Secondly, be good at seeking changes in the times and effectively grasp the implementation of the key work in the second half of the year. All the sub-enterprises should continue to take responsibility effectively and adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, results-oriented plans, so that all the sub-enterprises can take respective responsibility on shoulders to ensure that pressure be well distributed, measures be carried out in place, and hard-won results of epidemic prevention and control be resolutely guarded. And All the sub-enterprises pull all their effort out to achieve the annual business goals, serving as a good ballast stone for MCC's steady growth. Third, adhere to concentration of all attention and strength, and effectively implement the guiding principles of this conference. The functional departments and subsidiaries of MCC should hold a meeting immediately to convey, organize and study the guiding principles of this conference. They should plan and arrange their work and fulfill their tasks in the second half of the year and concentratedly implement the guiding principles of this conference.

  Zhang Mengxing, CPC Committee Deputy Secretary of MCC and Director of the Board, made a report on the analysis of production and operation in the first half of the year. He reported the completion of the main operating indicators of MCC in the first half of the year. Firstly, the business performance indicators grew at a high rate, reaching a new level again compared with the same period in history; secondly, the high-quality development progressed steadily, and the asset quality indicators continued to be optimized; thirdly, the assessment indicators of China Minmetals were basically accomplished according to the time schedule; fourthly, the four major business segments remained basically stable. The report, focusing on the high quality development in the second half of the year, assigns six key tasks of production and operation: first, MCC must be in full confidence and fully completes the annual budget target. The Group should realize the time urgency and our individual responsibility, precise power, pressure on our shoulder, and make ourselves up for shortcomings to ensure that we can fully exceed the annual budget target in the fourth consecutive year. Second, seize the opportunity to ensure that the market orders exceed RMB one trillion. We will seize the market with our brand advantages, grasp the market with our strength, and protect the market with risk control. Third, ensure compliance and strengthen project control. Domestic projects should focus on the construction of the main platform for project management and control, while overseas projects should strengthen compliance on the premise of strengthening epidemic prevention and control. Fourth, strictly control risks and ensure the good and fast development of enterprises. We must ensure that the problems found in the financial fund inspection are rectified effectively and we must adhere to resolution to clear debts, take more measures to reduce two funds. We must strengthen the management of our enterprises' loss, PPP project risk control and safety and environmental protection production. Fifth, improve scientific and technological innovation, and comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of the national metallurgical construction team. The Group should vigorously upgrade the national metallurgical construction team system and enhance the status of our world's first national metallurgical construction team. Sixth, plan ahead to realize of the qualification reform target. All enterprises should attach great importance to the qualification reform, deeply understand the spirit of the qualification reform policy, and master the essence of the qualification policy as soon as possible; combine the development strategy with the actual situation of individual enterprise, integrating the available resources, designing a good executive team, instead of changing for the sake of change; combine fast speed and steady improvement, make comprehensive plans, and lay a foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the enterprise.

  Members of the executive team of MCC Group and China MCC, the main persons in charge of the group office, strategic development department, enterprises management department, general finance department members, human resources department and science and technology management department of China Minmetals, non-team senior management members, general counsels, safety directors and deputy general divisions of MCC, the main persons in charge of various departments in the headquarters and the main persons in charge of subsidiaries departments attended the conference in the main venue in Beijing; deputy ministry-level CPC members of various departments in the headquarters, deputy members of the executive team of subsidiaries in Beijing, members of the leadership team of subsidiaries outside Beijing, the main persons in charge of regional branches and the main persons in charge of technical research institute attended the conference in the video branch venue.


  Scene of the Conference