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Zhang Mengxing Meets with Executive Vice Governor Wang Shujian
CopyFrom: Date:09 November 2020
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  On August 12, Zhang Mengxing, MCC President and Deputy Secretary of MCC Party Committee, met with Wang Shujian, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor of Shandong Province, exchanging views on developing MCC enterprises in Shandong, stepping up cooperation in related fields and facilitating Shandong's urban construction.

  Zhang Mengxing thanked the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Shandong Province for their long-term concern and support to MCC, and briefed on MCC's development. MCC is the largest, strongest, and best metallurgical engineering construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operation service provider across the globe. In recent years, MCC has accelerated its transformation and upgrading by virtue of its full-process allocation ability concerning scientific research, survey, design and construction, and in accordance with the strategy of "being the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction, and the frontrunner of emerging industries, and insisting on the road of high-tech and high-quality development in the long term". Focusing on the requirements of national development, MCC has built the upgraded version of the "four beams and eight columns" business system and established nine technical research institutes. It has been seeking transformation into infrastructure construction and emerging industries, with leapfrog breakthroughs in municipal infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection, prefabricated buildings, beautiful countryside and smart cities, new energy and other fields, constantly expanding room for enterprise development. In the field of steel metallurgy, MCC focuses on traditional metallurgy as the main business and has undertaken almost all key metallurgical engineering projects in China, providing steel enterprises with state-of-art steel technology and equipment, the most stringent environmental protection technology and efficient engineering construction and operation services, facilitating Shandong Laigang's product mix adjustment and optimization with core technologies, and making constant progress in energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing. In the field of prefabricated buildings, MCC owns leading technology and resources. It has the only national engineering research center in steel structure in China and three prefabricated building research institutes. It has presided over and participated in the preparation of the current national prefabricated construction and acceptance standards, and is now actively promoting the distribution of precast concrete (PC) production lines for prefabricated buildings across China. In the field of ecological environmental protection, MCC focuses on the great potential of the green market and develops core technologies to build its own eco-environmental brands represented by sewage treatment and water environment management, waste incineration for power generation and soil remediation throughout China.

  Zhang Mengxing stressed that Shandong features fast economic growth, sound investment climate and great room for development, and MCC's business is highly consistent with Shandong's development. MCC sets great store by the Shandong market, and its subsidiaries have undertaken a group of iconic projects in the province, with investment exceeding RMB 160 billion. Such cooperation has made the two parties close friends. In the next stage, MCC and Shandong can proceed from the cooperation in prefabricated buildings. MCC will further innovate the cooperation model, expand the areas of cooperation, and invest more resources in Shandong. It will make full use of its existing advantages to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with Shandong and participate in the construction of municipal transportation infrastructure, industrial parks, ecological environmental protection, steel metallurgy and steel structure prefabrication in the province in an all-round way, so as to contribute to Shandong's social and economic development with the power of central enterprises and jointly start a new phase of cooperation and development.

  Wang Shujian welcomed Zhang Mengxing and his group, and briefly introduced Shandong's economic development. Shandong is a large province in terms of economy, population, agriculture and industry. In recent years, it has thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and made solid efforts to maintain stable growth, advance reform, make structural adjustments, improve living standards, guard against risks, and ensure stability. The economy has remained stable overall, the transformation of growth drivers has gained full momentum, the renovation of traditional industries has been accelerated, and more significant results have been achieved in the creation of new growth drivers. MCC is a large central enterprise with strong capabilities, rich experience and a sense of social responsibility. Apart from the leading position in steel metallurgy, MCC has also made numerous achievements in infrastructure construction and emerging industries. It has participated in Shandong's social and economic development for years, and the cooperation between the two parties is solid and promising.

  With the support and guidance of relevant policies, Shandong is actively promoting the construction of coastal steel bases and the pilot construction of prefabricated houses, and its structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading in the next stage are highly consistent with MCC's development strategy, according to Wang Shujian. He hoped that MCC will expand its market share in Shandong by using a mix of business models, including equity cooperation, pool advantageous resources, select and appoint elite personnel to the province, give full play to the advanced experience of central enterprises in technology, investment and management, and participate in Shandong's new round of social and economic development and construction in an all-round way. The CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the People's Government of Shandong Province will further deepen official cooperation with MCC, make every effort to provide a good business environment and strong policy support for MCC's investment and development in Shandong, and constantly drive the bilateral cooperation to a new level where win-win results can be achieved.

  Attendees of the meeting included Gong Zhiyuan and Wang Yuzhi from the People's Government of Shandong Province and Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Shandong Province, as well as Yang Kui, Yuan Silang, Leng Mingze, Leng Tiesong and Chen Yanfeng from MCC headquarters and subsidiaries.


  Zhang Mengxing and Wang Shujian are having a talk.