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CRIBC Signs the General Contracting Framework Agreement of Cambodia Dara Sakor • Haihu Manor Project
CopyFrom: Date:01 March 2019
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  On February 20, Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co., Ltd., MCC (CRIBC) and Union Development Group, the owner, held the signing ceremony for the Cambodia Dara Sakor • Haihu Manor Project Design and General Contracting Framework Agreement in Dara Sakor, Cambodia.

  At the cornerstone laying ceremony on the same day, Highest Honorary Representative Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for National Defense of Cambodia, described the bright prospect that Chinese and Cambodian governments and enterprises works together to beautify Cambodian seaside and promote the rapid development of coastal economy and appreciated MCC and Union Group for engaging in the development of Koh Kong Province in his speech. He believed that with the close cooperation among Cambodia, China and Singapore, Dara Sakor could carry forward Cambodian tradition, culture and history and become a sustainable and most beautiful coastal tourist destination in the world.

  Mr. Li Tao, Chairman of Union Group, stated that Union Group would cooperate with MCC to build Haihu Manor into an excellent destination for global coastal sojourns. Joining hands with MCC and other powerful enterprises, Union Group is confident in promoting the overall construction and development of Dara Sakor and achieving Prime Minister Hun Sen's goal of Dara Sakor as the major coastal tourism area receiving 3 million tourists per year.

  Zhu Jianguo, General Manager of CRIBC, stated that the Singaporean subsidiary of CRIBC was gradually transforming from a real estate investor and developer into an urban comprehensive operator. With its abundant management experience in urban planning, development, construction and operation drawn from the businesses in China and Singapore, the subsidiary will formulate a more international and forward-looking overall plan and phased implementation plan which are suitable for local conditions for Dara Sakor covering an area of 360 km2, the largest comprehensive development project in BRI countries. Through these plans, it has striven to build a boom city which is livable, smart and innovative in Cambodia and set a model for green development and smart life.

  At the celebration dinner, Mr. Tea Banh stated that MCC and Union Group would contribute to the success of Dara Sakor and Haihu Manor Project and bring more professional and international development experience to Cambodia. In the future, the project will serve as a "mirror", reflecting the development, prosperity and peace in Cambodia. Meanwhile, it will further encourage investors to develop their own new infrastructure and enhance the confidence of investors from China and other countries who have not invested in Cambodia.

  As the new "business card" of secondary market development in Dara Sakor, Haihu Manor covers an area of 571 hectares. It is estimated that the construction of the first phase will take 3 years. At that time, hotels, villa areas and commercial and entertainment supporting facilities will receive 500,000 tourists. By the end of 2020, the 4E airport will be open to air traffic and 11 follow-up projects and theme parks will be completed one by one.

  As the general contractor of Dara Sakor • Haihu Manor Project, CRIBC will actively cooperate with Union Group to ensure the project is completed with high standards and quality and will engage in the development, construction and management of the entire Dara Sakor in the future.

  More than 1,000 people, including Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Xie Bola, State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment Sun Dale, State Secretary of the Ministry of Communication Xie Tao, Governor of Koh Kong Province Mithona Phouthorng, Deputy Secretary General of Council for the Development of Cambodia Nut-un Voanra, officials from the Cambodian government, relevant leaders from Union Group and CRIBC, local overseas Chinese and media staff, have witnessed the signing.