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China MCC Kuwait RA259 Project Road Area One Route Conversion Passed Acceptance Inspection
CopyFrom: Date:07 July 2020
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  On July 6, the Kuwait RA259 Project Road Area One Traffic Conversion Project successfully passed the joint inspection and acceptance of the Kuwaiti owner, the Ministry of Interior and the Transportation Department, which is another key node for the breakthrough of the RA259 Project following the road traffic conversion in the bridge area of IC-82 overpass.

  As of July 6, a total of 50,664 COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in Kuwait. The severe COVID-19 pandemic and the strict curfew policy of the government made the production and operation of the project seriously challenged. All the staff of the Project Department have conscientiously carried out epidemic prevention and control. On the premise of ensuring life safety, they took measures such as two-shift continuous working system to race against time, which ensured the successful completion of traffic conversion in Road Area One, won valuable time for the subsequent left road construction operation, and minimized the impact of adverse factors such as COVID-19 pandemic and the risk of project delay.

  Since late May, the average outdoor ground temperature in Kuwait has reached 46℃. In such a tough environment, the staff of the Project Department have overcome the multiple adverse effects brought by COVID-19 pandemic, hot summer and bad weather, showing the strong will of MCC people.

  On the occasion of the 99th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Kuwaiti RA259 Project Party members take the lead and fight day and night on the construction front. All the staff of the Project Department also hold high the flag of MCC along the Belt and Road with the heroic ambition of winning glory for China, while practicing the MCC spirit of "not delaying or slacking off a day" with persistence and dedication.