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MCC Baosteel's Nordic Electrolytic Aluminum Groove Project Successfully Delivered
CopyFrom: Date:07 July 2020
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  On July 6, the Norway New Electrolytic Aluminum Groove Project contracted by MCC Baosteel was successfully completed after more than three months of continuous production. After two consecutive days of loading and shipping, all the goods arrived at Shanghai Lingang Port smoothly.

  The volume of the new electrolytic aluminum groove of this project is huge, with a single piece hitting 132 cubic meters and weighing nearly 35 tons, in total 14 sets. The manufacturing process is fraught with difficulties. The products require high dimensional accuracy. There are 36 continuous welds under the bottom plate of nearly 50 square meters, the overall flatness after welding shall be only 10 mm, and the accuracy requirements in other parts are even more accurate to millimeters, which puts high requirements on the manufacturing process of the whole groove shell; due to the large volume and high tonnage of the groove shell, great attention must be paid to the safe operation.

  During the production period of the project, the COVID-19 was raging, and the client could not visit China to participate in the technical exchange meeting and the later completion acceptance, which posed great challenges to the production and technical quality management of the project team. During the production process, the two sides can only solve the drawings and related technical problems through email exchanges, while there is a big time difference between Norway and China. In order to solve the on-site problems in China in time and catch up with the project's time node, the client often sends reply letters late at night or rather early in the morning, and the Chinese team would convey the information to the factory as soon as they get it, so as to solve the on-site production problems in time. The project lasted for three months and was finally approved and permitted through by the client representative.

  In 2020, amid the fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, the completion of every project is hard-won, and the achievement of every outcome carries more efforts. The project team adhered to the "double-front battle" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, and insisted on the spirit of "not delaying or slacking off a day." Finally, the project was successfully concluded to the satisfaction of the client.