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Completion of MCC17’s Phase II of Hotel and Service Project in Kuala Lumpur
CopyFrom: Date:04 July 2020
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  On July 3, MCC17’s Phase II of Hotel and Service Project in Kuala Lumpur structurally finished and fulfilled a key node task under the witnesses of construction units comprising Platinum Victory Property Sdn Bhd, MCC Malaysia, heads of the consultancy and relevant cooperators.

  Amid epidemic response and strictly following the requirements on work and production resumption set by local government in Malaysia, the Project Department adhered to making two-pronged efforts in pandemic prevention and control as well as resumption through carefully organizing and planning, positively optimizing the construction network scheme, reasonably allocating production resources, initiatively strengthening the cooperation with all cooperative units, scientifically organizing the construction and rationalizing the management, so as to ensure the realization of the task of structural completion and further reach major stage achievement. The styles of “high efficiency, rigorousness, meticulousness and pragmatism” gave the project a powerful impetus to strengthen the quality of project progression and construction of safety, civilization and environmental protection and eventually won high recognition from construction units and all cooperative parties.

  Located in downtown of Kuala Lumpur and adjacent to Petronas Tower, a typical landmark in the city, the project has a construction area of 155,000 square meters and a total construction height of 216 meters. It is also a high-end urban commercial and residential complex integrating five-star hotels and luxury apartments and on the top of the building there’s an infinity swimming pool.