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The Largest Mono-series Lead Smelting and Production System Technologically Patented and Designed by ENFI Started its Trial Operation
CopyFrom: Date:30 June 2020
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  Technically patented and designed by China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. (ENFI), Yuguang Gold & Lead’s technological renovation projects of regenerated lead resources recycling and efficient and clean production commenced its trial run on June 28.

  As a design of ENFI, the project applies its own technologies of oxygen bottom blowing smelting furnaces - oxygen bottom blowing smelting furnaces reduction - volatile and consecutive enriched oxygen lead smelting with own intellectual property rights to dispose of lead storage batteries, lead contained hazardous wastes, complex lead concentrate and other materials, making the recycling of lead resources come true. Its leading technologies and devices, together with its high level of automatization, propel the growth of global lead smelting industry in directions of environmental protection, large scale and intellectualization. The project, in particular, sets up the largest mono-series smelting and production system for regenerated lead and mineral lead and is about to be a major milestone of global lead smelting industry.

  To ensure the project to be on its right track, ENFI took full advantage of its leading technologies and extensive engineering experience to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The firing of the heating furnace marks the beginning of trial run and is bound to be a stauncher force for Yuguang Gold & Lead to carry on its path of green development. Once it is completed and put into production, such system will turn out to be a model of transformation and upgrading of urban mineral industry, providing novel, green and efficient solutions for recycling of lead acid battery.