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  We are the eldest son of the People's Republic of China (PRC). After the War of Liberation, we were established in response to constructing Ansteel; in the construction of the PRC, we grew up while expanding our business across China. In the past more than 70 years, we have always followed the command of the CPC and taken the interests of the country and its people as our mission. Under the spirit of "shoulder the flag without putting it down and take the lead without yielding", we are all along determined to undertake the responsibility of national metallurgical construction.

  We are the "national metallurgical construction team". Starting with ferrous metallurgy, we developed together with progressive China, bore the responsibility of strengthening the country via steel, and constructed the "iron and steel backbone" of the newborn nation, playing an indispensable role in the process of China's steel industry. We still remain true to our original aspirations while forging ahead. Thanks to generations of efforts, we are now in the absolutely leading position concerning metallurgical engineering and become the world's largest and strongest metallurgical construction contractor and service operator. We have devoted ourselves to leading China's metallurgical industry to a higher level for years and we'll persist in this glorious cause in the future.

  We are the pioneer of the market economy. Based on "Shenzhen Speed", we emancipated our minds and achieved win-win cooperation for long-term fruits in the fierce market competition. By virtue of our advantageous team, we have vigorously embarked on new industrial fields such as high-end housing construction, transportation and municipal utilities, energy conservation and environmental protection, and theme parks, and have performed well in the construction of comprehensive venues for international large sports events and large-scale exhibition venues. We gradually become the mainstay of national basic construction because of our outstanding achievements contributing to the development advantage of "four beams and eight columns" as a sector and pillar industry.

  We are an important force in the building of the "Belt and Road". As the earliest overseas construction team in China, we take on the responsibility and mission as the national metallurgical construction team, undertake the major tasks of "going global" strategy for central enterprises and promoting the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road", continuously promote the reform and innovation of world iron and steel industry, and effectively drive China's metallurgical industry and complete equipment to go abroad with the help of world-class core technologies, independent and controllable capabilities of innovation and development, and irreplaceable integration advantages along the whole metallurgical industry chain. All the above imposes an extensive and far-reaching influence on the industry and the globe.

  Great accomplishments require ambition and tireless effort. We will both focus on the present and consider the future, seeking development with an open mind, promoting reform with entrepreneurial passion, preventing risks with the awareness of potential dangers, and pursuing improvement with confidence. We will continue focusing on our main responsibility and business, unwaveringly stick to the strategic positioning of "being the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of basic construction, and the frontrunner of emerging industries with long-term adherence to the path of high-tech and high-quality development", comprehensively improve the all-around strength, management, and spirit of the company, striving for completing "Five Types of China Minmetals", becoming a world-class metal and mineral enterprise with global competitiveness and writing a new chapter of "Better MCC" in terms of high-quality development.

  All in all, MCC people help build a better world with inexhaustible enthusiasm!

  Chen Jianguang

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