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  Designed in 1999, MCC’s logo is formed by the brand of MCC and the figure of the earth, covering MCC’s long-standingimage of internationalization, collectivization, networking and branding. Blue is the dominant color, suggesting the vast and deep ocean and symbolizing the global goal of the advancing MCC Group to sail away and travel around the world.

  Blue is also the color of the sky, suggesting high ambitions and representing the struggling MCC Group making efforts to achieve its dream of growing stronger and larger through active exploration and continuous improvement and innovation. The MCC logo is simple with a clear theme, exactly presenting the mental outlook and cultural connotations of MCC members in the new period.


Core Concepts of Minmetals Culture
Action Guide, Value Orientation, and Corporate Spirit of China Minmetals:

Mission and responsibility of striving to be a world-class enterprise, leadership of autonomous innovation,problem-oriented work thinking, unwavering commitment to quality excellence,and the spirit of daring to strive for victory.

Strategic Vision of China Minmetals:

To be a globally competitive, world-class metal mining enterprise group.

Initial Mission of China Minmetals:

To serve the nation through the mining industry and strengthen the country with mining, becoming the main force in metal resource assurance and the national team in metallurgical construction and operation.

Core elements of MCC culture
Development Vision: Centering on main businesses and building a better MCC

[Connotation]: "Centering on main businesses" means always maintaining the international high-end level and the whole metallurgical industry, with the overwhelming world-class core technologies, continuous innovation and R&D in autonomous & controllable capabilities, and irreplaceable advantages of whole metallurgical industry consolidation and integration, and bearing the responsibility of leading China into a steel power with a metallurgical industry featuring intelligence, greenness, low carbon, and high efficiency; "Building a better MCC" is aimed at building MCC into an "ideal highland for the youth, a venture development platform for the middle-aged, and a resting and recuperating harbor for the elderly".

Striving Goals of MCC: One Create, Two Excellence, Five Top

[Interpretation of Connotation] Guided by the goal of creating a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, MCC endeavors to be the best overall plan provider with strong core competitiveness for metallurgical construction and operation and the internationally renowned and domestically leading general contracting service provider for fundamental construction, so as to become a world-class investment and construction group with strong value creativity, strong market competitiveness, strong innovation driving force, strong resource allocation, and strong cultural soft power.

Strategic Positioning of MCC: To be a world-class national team in metallurgical construction, the main force and vanguard in basic construction, a leader and pioneer in emerging industries, and to consistently pursue a path of high-technology, high-quality innovative development.
Core Values of MCC: Efficiency creates value, innovation drives development, and quality builds eternity.
Social Responsibility Concept of MCC: Continuous innovative development and jointly building the future of the world.
Motto of MCC Personnel: MCC people, casting the world with heart.
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