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CCTV-4 Focuses on CISDI Empowering Steel Manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence
source:CISDI Author: Release time:2023-12-08

  On November 23, the special episode of "New All Walks of Life" of Across China focused on Pang Shuyang, an artificial intelligence engineer of CISDI, was broadcast in CCTV-4 (CCTV INTERNATIONAL), telling the story of CISDI empowering steel converter flame identification with artificial intelligence technology, and showing the youthful story of young employees who devote themselves to the journey of the era of integration of data and reality and realize their self-worth and the dream of science and technology empowering the industry.

  New All Walks of Life of Across China takes the new journey of "Chinese path to modernization" as the background, focuses on the current "new career" closely related to people's lives, echoes the hot point of the era of "entrepreneurship, career selection, and employment", and describes how the "new career" ignites young people's dreams, enthusiasm, and strength through youthful and vivid image language and how "new employees" are full of passion to create a beautiful career and change their lives in the changes of the Times.

  Converter steelmaking is a crucial part of steel making, where hot molten iron will be transformed into steel, and the flame of the converter is an important index to judge the internal reaction. In the past, workers needed to look at the flame through the light filter for a long time, but now the CISDigital-AI Jinjing frees the workers' eyes with artificial intelligence technology. CISDigital AI Jinjing combines an integrated intelligent camera with AI intelligent algorithms, which not only adjusts the image quality of the screen in real time and dynamically restores the details of the flame, but also quickly recognizes abnormalities such as overflowing slag, spattering, and returning to dryness during the smelting process, with an accuracy rate of more than 99%.

  In addition to the converter flame identification, CISDigital AI Jinjing also applies AI technology to the intelligent control of dust removal, and intelligent perception assisted decision-making of hot rolling, long materials, and other rich manufacturing perception decision-making scenarios, to greatly reduce manual duplication in different fields, condense experience in data technology, and continuously promote the precision and efficiency of production, thereby creating a typical example of digital technology enabling industrial economy.

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