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CCTV-4 Focuses on the Comprehensive Pipe Corridors in Xi'an of China MCC17
source:China MCC17 Author:China MCC17 Release time:2023-11-24

  On the night of November 13, Guard My City, a special episode of New All Walks of Life of Across China, was broadcast in CCTV-4 (CCTV INTERNATIONAL). The episode spent 7 minutes and 38 seconds focusing on the operation and maintenance of the Xi'an urban underground comprehensive pipe corridors, constructed and operated by China MCC17, which is the largest in scale in China. Also, it told a story that China MCC17 deeply implements the "One Belt, One Road" Initiative, roots in Xi'an, an ancient capital city, to guard the "blood vessels of the Belt and Road" with its craftsmanship, and creates an MCC top pipe corridor brand.

  Across China is a large-scale special report program on CCTV-4, which focuses on the latest changes in China from a humanistic perspective, observes the new phenomena, fashions, and things around ordinary Chinese people, reflects the state of life, ideology, and spiritual pursuit of contemporary Chinese people, and analyzes the new changes in contemporary China to help viewers at home and abroad to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary China.This episode, Guard My City, told about the development achievements and management of Xi'an urban infrastructure with the help of China MCC17 from the perspective of operation and maintenance personnel of pipe corridors.

  The comprehensive pipe corridors are an important municipal infrastructure to ensure the city achieves sustainable development, and is closely related to the life of citizens. Xi'an underground comprehensive pipe corridors (section 2), invested, constructed, and operated by China MCC17, are the largest in scale in China, with total of 31 pipe corridors, involving 5 administrative districts in Xi'an, 11 municipal development zones, and multiple district-level development zones. In addition, the construction area covers more than 4,000 square kilometers, and 7 professional lines are provided for water supply, reclaimed water, heat, electricity, telecommunication, natural gas, and sewage. Since entering the operation and maintenance period, China 17MCC has been committed to the whole life cycle management and control, and has realized multi-dimension and systematic maintenance management such as operation monitoring, intrusion detection, accurate positioning, and emergency scheduling through "5 maintenance stations + 4 seating maintenance stations". Up to now, Xi'an MCC Pipe Corridor Construction Management Co., Ltd. has signed corridor agreements with 12 line units, and has successively entered the formal operation stage. Nowadays, the "blood vessels of the city" buried in the ground is playing a role in connecting development, serving people's livelihood, supporting happiness, and playing an increasingly prominent role in maintaining the stability of people's livelihood lines and optimizing urban layout and urban water management.

  More than two thousand years ago, the Silk Road stretching for thousands of miles from Chang'an, laid the cornerstone of the Han and Tang dynasties; in the new era, the air "spider webs" and the road "zippers" gradually fade out of view, but a well-connected underground network in Xi'an is established. The ancient city is undergoing a transformation and is more closely connected with the construction of "One Belt, One Road". This is the original intention of the construction of Xi'an pipe corridors, and also the result of the day and night perseverance of the staff of China MCC17. China MCC17 will continuously uphold the original intention of "building an MCC pipe corridor brand", give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain, and make great efforts in leading standard formulation, planning, operation, and management, etc., to provide safe and highly efficient services and make contributions to the construction of "One Belt, One Road".

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