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CCTV-4 Focuses on China MCC20 Settlement Project in Rongdong, Xiong'an
source:China MCC20 Author:China MCC20 Release time:2023-11-24

  On November 8, Across China of CCTV-4 (CCTV INTERNATIONAL) focused on the China MCC20 Settlement Project in Rongdong, Xiong'an, and replayed the propaganda film on the new career skills of China MCC20 employees.

  Across China,a large-scale special report program, focuses on the latest changes in China from a humanistic perspective. The episode told about Xiong'an New Area, relied on the construction of the Settlement Project in Rongdong, Xiong'an undertaken by China MCC20, and took the new career of UAV drivers as the breakthrough point, showing the development achievements of China MCC20 in Xiong'an New Area municipal infrastructure field.

  The episode told the story of the employees of China MCC20 during the construction of Xiong'an project, who conducted aerial photography modeling of Xiong'an project via the UAV tilt photogrammetry technology, established the project whole life cycle digital archives, built a digital twin building, promote the delivery and application of digital results of the engineering and construction process, helped the project's perfect performance and quality delivery, and improved the digitalization of the construction industry in the Xiong'an New Area, which demonstrates the strength of intelligent construction and the confidence and determination of China MCC20 to insist on digital transformation.

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