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CCTV-4 Focuses on Shanghai Baoye Steel Structure Intelligent Manufacturing
source:Shanghai Baoye Author:Shanghai Baoye Release time:2023-12-08

  On the night of November 23, Time for Intelligent Manufacturing, a special episode of New All Walks of Life of Across China, was broadcast in CCTV-4 (CCTV INTERNATIONAL). The episode focused on Shanghai Baoye's nationwide leading 5G steel structure intelligent factory, showing that Shanghai Baoye takes the "new career" as an opportunity to vigorously train key talents with core competitiveness, and actively explores the intelligent and digital transformation of steel structure to drive intelligent manufacturing.

  Across China is a large-scale special report program on CCTV-4, which focuses on the latest changes in China from a humanistic perspective, observes the new phenomena, fashions, and things around ordinary Chinese people, reflects the state of life, ideology, and spiritual pursuit of contemporary Chinese people, and analyzes the new changes in contemporary China to help viewers at home and abroad to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary China.

  The episode told the story of Wang Xinyu, a young employee of Shanghai Baoye, who gradually grew into an excellent industrial robot system operator by participating in the whole process of the construction of intelligent steel structure production line. He learned robot zero calibration, programming, and debugging from scratch. Also, in the process of connecting with foreign experts, he actively learned relevant skills and gradually mastered the operation technology of the intelligent steel structure production line introduced from abroad. Now, he can be fully responsible for the operation and maintenance of the intelligent loading and welding center. The episode showed the whole in parts, vividly displaying the innovative achievements made by Shanghai Baoye in the development of intelligent and digital transformation of steel structure, as well as the highlights and characteristics of training new careers.

  The Shanghai Baoye's steel structure 5G intelligent factory in Zhengzhou actively innovated the process flow, introduced the first intelligent assembly and welding robot production line in China, realized the unmanned production of the most complex process in the steel structure manufacturing process, and created the nationwide leading intelligent production line. Meanwhile, with project management as the core and BIM data as the basis, it independently developed a "one-stop" intelligent manufacturing information management system, set up a steel structure industry and industrial internet platform, constructed a new ecology of steel structure industry chain and whole scenario, built a steel structure ecosystem with multi-party participation and collaborative development, and provided customized solutions for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional steel structure industry with the goal of "intelligent production, productization of equipments, and industrialization of services". Its intelligent achievements have been awarded the application demonstration cases of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China, and it has been awarded many honors such as Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise, Intelligent Factory, Intelligent Workshop, and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Research Center in Henan Province.

  At present, Shanghai Baoye is carrying out the research and development of the first domestic intelligent assembly welding robot localization substitution, and in the future, it will move towards the data industry, industry chain synergy, and the research of greener and low-carbon construction mode, contributing to the high-quality development of the steel structure industry.

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